Who we are

We believe in providing consistent, high quality, professional services. Our proven methodology enables us to deliver what we promise to our clients, including ongoing maintenance, remote monitoring, and unparalleled 24x7 technical support. We keep your business up and running at all times so you can focus on your business!

Only by understanding our clients’ business requirements can we effectively respond to their complex business challenges with a technical solution that focuses on returning their investment.

preEcorp's Mission

To become a leader in the IT community. We will provide the same level of infrastructure support to all small/medium-sized businesses as the enterprise level companies provide. To help accomplish this, we have several aspects in place that quite simply... We just do better:

Expect a Response from Us Within One Hour GUARANTEED!

Our professional technicians will answer immediately or will respond in less than sixty minutes - GUARANTEED. The work is FREE if we don't get back to you in that one-hour time frame.

Ultra-Speedy Repairs

It's understood, you don't want to sit on your hands waiting for your computer to be fixed. So we offer prompt remote network IT support services. We can access your computer network remotely through our network support services. We'll dispatch a technician that same business day if we are unable to resolve your issue remotely.

We speak YOUR language

You'll get the clear answers to your computer and IT support questions that you deserve. You will not be made to feel uncomfortable by our team of IT support experts with unfamiliar technical jargon.

Absolute 100% Satisfaction

Our IT consulting and technology support services will give you the satisfaction you deserve. We will bend over backwards to make you happy with our IT management & network support services.

Proper Analysis

Feel secure that your network or data will not be damaged in the process. We evaluate first to see if there are any potential risks before we begin computer maintenance services. We will explain to you any potential risks involved and get your authorization before we begin the work. Alternative process is to have your data synchronize and backed up before we proceed any further on your machine.

All Completed Projects Will Be On Time and On Budget GUARANTEED

Know that by hiring us for IT Consulting, to complete a project or perform network services, there will be no nickel and diming for charges that are unexpected. Sometimes this happens with unethical and incompetent technicians who have improperly planned and researched. We make no excuses. We GUARANTEE the completion of your IT support project ON BUDGET and ON TIME which will ultimately lead to success for your company.

Expect Accuracy with Our Billing

Your invoice will be accurate and completely spelled out - GUARANTEED. All IT management services charges are preapproved by you; you'll always know what you are paying for.

preEcorp's Core Values

Without our core values, we are no better than the competition... With our above and beyond standards, we are here to treat you to the best IT experience possible!

preEcorp's Vision

In today's fast-paced business environment, every company needs a trusted IT partner with the resources and expertise to deliver consistent results. At preEcorp, our duty is to provide IT support that produces the following:

Where Will We Stop?

Stopping is not in the vision of preEcorp. Our vision expands our operation across the US and then then world-wide! A roadmap/timeline of our goals can be locate here:

Don't let your company miss out on the great adventure!

Our Customers

preEcorp has provided hardware, software, and services to a dozen organizations since our launch on August 16th, 2016. Our customers have as little as 5 employees to over 500 employees within Healthcare, Government, Education, and Commercial organizations.

*client approval pending*
Branched Antler Construction - #1 Rated Construction and Demolition

Branched Antler Construction

Sri Prasert Thai Bar & Grille - Best Authentic Thai Food

Sri Prasert Thai Bar & Grille

Hanuman Touch - Professional Message Therapist

Hanuman Touch

Wicked Visuals - Professional Graphic Design/Photography

Wicked Visuals

Visions For New Beginnings

Visions For New Beginnings

Hurricane Diesel

Hurricane Diesel



Diams Den

Diams Den

Barry's Brushworks

Barry's Brushworks

Sweet Frostings

Sweet Frostings

Company Image #10

Company Image #11

Our Partners

As one of preEcorp's major promises to you, we will always continue to obtain further partners and certifications.

Acquiring Soon

Microsoft Registered Partner


Microsoft Registered Partners are closely aligned with Microsoft to stay current with the latest Microsoft technology and serve customers more effectively. Microsoft Registered Partners encompass a broad range of expertise and vendor affiliations and their real world perspective can help you prioritize and effectively deliver your technology solutions.



Dell listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services they trust and value, offering a broad range of product categories, including desktop computer systems, servers and networking products, mobility products, software and peripherals and enhanced services.

Hewlett Packard


HP delivers technologies and services that are right for you. With HP you get reliable technologies, a portfolio of Total Care services and support, a global ecosystem of partners— and complete confidence that HP and its partners will stand behind your business each and every step of the way.

SonicWALL Certification


SonicWALL, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures comprehensive network security, secure remote access, Web and e-mail security, backup and recovery, and policy and management solutions.

Cisco Certification


Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings create the Internet solutions that make networks possible—providing easy access to information anywhere, at any time.

No Obligation Assessment

"Why is it that my computers are always running too slow to handle the simplest of tasks?"

Do thoughts like this ever cross your mind? If so, we can simplify using your computers with budget-friendly solutions you can rely on. As a potential client, preEcorp would like to offer you our FREE Prevention Assessment

Our 21-Point inspection

In order to help speed up the productivity of your devices, we have a checklist which will allow us to detect any issues and repair them within a small time-frame. Please contact us for more information regarding the 21-point inspection.

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Saving Your Company Money

preEcorp provides preventive maintenance services to address the needs of businesses that do not have qualified computer technicians on staff. Basic equipment maintenance such as data backup, internal and external component cleaning and software updates are administered on a scheduled basis.

Enterprise IT

Most IT companies flood you with offers and packages that can really start to add up. With preEcorp, we offer all IT solutions in one low-cost bundle and with a little surprise. It's our ability to structure your business as an Enterprise/Corporation would. This allows for flawless expansion, growth and ease of mind for you and your business.

Since we have your attention, click here to read more about how to schedule your free "no obligation assessment"

Data Backup

There are two reasons for data loss; either there was no backup or the media used failed to successfully capture the data. Backups are verified each and every morning. In the event of a system failure data will be transferred to another working system while repairs are being made.

Your business will Always have complete backups!

Internal/External Component Cleaning

Dust is one of the leading causes of hardware failure. All moving components are thoroughly cleaned and lubricated during service visits. The case is opened and dust is removed from the motherboard and all system boards. The CPU fan, power supply fan and any other board fans are cleaned, lubricated and tested.

Our Process

We perform a needs consultation to review your current setup and then provide you with a custom maintenance program. Choose from quarterly, bi-annual or annual services scheduled at discounted service rates. If you need more information, or would like a free consultation to discuss your business's needs call us today!

Are You Ready To Save?

These days even small companies pay big money to ensure they have the best desktop and laptop computers, servers and smartphones - all powered by the latest software.

You want to keep your business running smoothly and enhance communications; that's why it's incredibly frustrating when your IT goes wrong and starts slowing you down. It's even more infuriating when you have to spend more money to get things fixed. It doesn't have to be like this.

preEcorp can take away the stress that comes with mismanaged IT. It matters not where you are located, we can design and deploy technology solutions that give you a competitive advantage and help you grow your organization, while ensuring your day-to-day operations run smoothly. preEcorp is one of the best, most experienced IT companies in Washington – you can count on us!

Our Services

preEcorp has the experience, expertise, and willingness to exceed your expectations and to be your partner for all technology services. Our wide coverage of platforms, repertoire of services across server, storage and networking environments provide unparalleled flexibility for you and your business. All technological services are performed by preEcorp engineers and not farmed out services like other providers. This allows you to proceed with all your IT infrastructure projects with confidence.

Extra Fee's

Hourly Charge Breakdown

I.T. Solutions We Offer

IT services and solutions that include but aren’t limited to:

Cloud IT Service

Cloud IT

Cloud computing reduces the cost of Information Technology. It maximizes up time and is available anywhere you can access the Internet.

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Managed IT Service

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is the Complete Business Solution of any size company. We monitor your technology 24/7 and proactively address issues making sure your business is up and running with minimal downtime.

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Networks Service


As your business grows, the demand on your network also grows. preEcorp works with clients to maximize their network for security, connectivity and efficiency.

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Repairs Service


Repairs for computers, servers, printers, routers and all other hardware. We offer services at your office, home, or instant remote online support to anywhere in the world.

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Security Service


Protecting your company’s digital assets is a priority. Hackers and Viruses are real threats to your operations and we can implement security measures to prevent cyber intruders from putting your business at risk.

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Servers Service


Servers are the heart of your IT Infrastructure and one of the biggest IT investments your business can make.

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Software Service


There are thousands of software programs in the market and knowing which one will most benefit your business can be a daunting task. We help companies select and install the best software for their business needs.

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Website & Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking for an experienced, efficient and professional Web Design Company? You found it. We provide innovative web solutions to businesses like yours. Are you interested in outsourcing web design, web development, eCommerce, SEO or mobile app development works? Your search ends here.

We design Responsive, User-friendly and Interactive websites that are tailored to your business. Next-gen web interfaces to enhance user experience & increase engagement.

Web Design Services

Custom Website Design

You have an amazing company! Shouldn't your website not be amazing as well? Our dedicated team of web designers are solutions-driven and client-focused. Our creative process starts by listening and responding to your business needs and budgetary parameters. Each web design is unique, creative and has been carefully crafted to snugly your company’s scope, size, goal and vision.

Responsive Web Design

We create websites that work equally well on all devices in current market and all devices that may come in future. We use Responsive Web Design (RWD) technique to future proof your website. Do not fall behind the curve. Get your website done with proper Responsive Web Design techniques.

WordPress Website Design & Plugin Development

Custom WordPress Theme Design

Your business is unique. Your website deserves to look and behave uniquely too. Stand out from the crowd. When you order our Custom WordPress Theme Design Service, we create a unique design based on your preferences, business goals and mix our designers' creativity into it. The result is a magnificent website tailored specifically to your taste, business needs and free from any limitations of ready theme.

WordPress Theme Customization

Liked or bought a Premium WordPress theme and want to customize it for your website? Our Premium WordPress Theme Customization Service can help. We will customize your chosen WordPress theme, add extra plugins and add pages & contents to create a complete and functional website for your business. We have extensive experiences working with premium themes from themeforest and other market places.

Website Optimization

The SEO works begins from your website. We help make you a Search Engine Friendly website by ensuring that it meets the current Google parameters for a quality website. We look at the coding and linking structure, website page load speed, mobile browser capability and many other criteria that Google considers in its page ranking algorithm. We also help you increase user engagement rates. Because without user engagement traffic means nothing.

Increasing Business Visibility

Google is partial towards brands and big names. Link baiting, link building, social sharing, viral contents are some of the techniques that can make your website act like a brand and help you rank on the 1st page of google. We build and sustain your website's link and citation profile that increases your Business Visibility organically.

Social Media Engagement

Content marketing, Social sharing and SEO all three work toward one thing: creating and achieving relevance for your website in relation to you audience. All three must work together and continuously to bring your website fresh and returning business. When these three are working in synchronization they can help acquire customers and increase website traffic through valuable content. The organic online marketing ecosystem is growing everyday. Google algorithms now factor social sharing engagement signals as an indicator for search rankings. We know how they work together and fit them into the same strategy.

preEcorp Support

preEcorp Support
There are many ways to contact us for support: Links:
Open tickets by emailing us at: Contact Us
You can also call our 24/7 support line: (509) 290-6157
You may also have our icon on your desktop tray, feel free to open a ticket from there to get immediate remote response

Microsoft Office 365 Email


Boost your productivity with reliable access anywhere with services like email, calendar, file sharing, online conferencing, instant messaging, and Office Online.



A standards-based webmail package written in PHP4. It includes built-in pure PHP support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols, and all pages render in pure HTML.

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If you have less than 100 employees, it's economical, benefical and efficient to outsource your IT. The time it takes to keep an environment of modest-size healthy throughout the work week is simply not enough to justify a full-time position.

A typical office spends anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000 on an in-house IT technician. Some offices have two or more support personnel on staff. Our staff can handle the same workload for a very competitive low price. So yes, it is considerably less expensive to outsource your offices IT Support needs.

Which Services Do You Offer That Fit Our Needs?

We have many levels of service that range from break-fix reactionary solutions to packages that cover every aspect of your business network. For more information contact us now!

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Days Of Operation

We are always open 24/7 365 days a year. Our building business hours are as follows:

Days Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday: Closed

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Cloud IT

Cloud computing reduces the cost of Information Technology. It maximizes up time and is available from anywhere you have Internet access. Cloud lets you consolidate your technologies, reduce physical servers, data centers, and licensing. Cloud introduces flexibility to software applications. It also gives you the advantage to turn on and off services based on needs, resulting in tremendous cost efficiencies.

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Managed IT

Managed IT

The Complete Business Solution of any size. We monitor your technology 24/7 and proactively address issues making sure your business is up and running with minimal downtime. Our Quarterly, Bi-Annually and Annual support plans let you control your budget while maximizing your IT. Our service is completely scalable and as your business grows we are able to provide the IT support you need.

Cloud IT

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preEcorp works with clients to maximize their network for connectivity and efficiency. As your business grows, the demand on your network also grows. We carefully analyze your existing network, future needs and design your networks for quality of service (QoS), availability and most importantly... Security!

Managed IT

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preEcorp repairs computers, servers, printers, routers and other hardware from brands such as Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Surface Pro. We offer service at your office, home, or instant remote online support from anywhere in the world. Our professional techs are prompt, knowledgeable, and fast. Our Level 3 service means that our techs will do all the repairs saving you money.


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Servers are the heart of your IT Infrastructure and one of the biggest IT investments your business can make. Let our server specialists guide you in purchasing the right servers and install them at an enterprise level. Our enterprise level knowledge means that we can handle from the simplest to the most complex server projects with implementation and maintenance.


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Protecting your company’s digital assets is a priority at preEcorp. Hackers and Viruses are real threats to your operations and we can implement security measures to prevent cyber intruders from putting your business at risk. Managed IT Security provides total design, implementation and support for 24/7 managed firewalls, networks, and data.


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There are thousands of software programs in the market and knowing which one will most benefit your business can be a daunting task. preEcorp helps businesses to select, implement, and troubleshoot the best software solutions for your specific business.

Industries include: Manufacturing, Accounting, Logistics, Real Estate, Legal, Construction, Hospitality, and Medical


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You Should Know Our Process When Hiring.

At preEcorp, we don’t just hire to fill positions... We ensure you are going to fit in! Applicants that want to build careers and grow with the corporation are highly sought after. We don’t hire for a rise in work load and we don’t lay people off when it’s slow. Our clients rely on us to provide nothing less than exceptional IT support. There's a level of comfort that comes with working with the same support people for years. We want to make sure the client as well as yourself have that very same opportunity.

Current Openings Send Cover Letter + Resume

Security Analyst

Key Responsibilities: This position is a dual role working between both IT and Security departments. This position will be responsible for implementing standard operating processes and leading teams to implement those processes. Additionally, this position will audit and monitor the efficiency against Service Level Agreements (SLA) and customer expectations, helping guide & improve their skill-sets to drive service delivery. At times, this position may also be tasked with performing/managing special DC infrastructure projects, contributing to global process development, and/or assisting with service design.

In regards to security this role will provide security monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and analysis into potential security related events and incidents. Ensure appropriate access to systems for authorized associates while protecting against unauthorized access. Design, integrate and operate IT security systems for the protection of the company's infrastructure. Evaluate new information security threats and their potential threat to the company. Report to IT management to ensure security requirements are identified and followed.

Certifications: This position requires the completion of the MCP and MSCA within 12-14 months of employment if not obtained prior to employment.

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Network Engineer

This position requires strong communication, troubleshooting, time management and organizational skills. Must be friendly, professional and function well in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

A typical day may include Client consultations and troubleshooting, network builds and installs, software and network implementation, phone/remote support, and other technical support as needed to diagnose and repair workstation and server level issues. Ideal candidates can troubleshoot networks, workstations, servers, software, and peripherals while maintaining a high commitment to customer service and time management.

Must have strong follow up and follow through skills on a consistent basis. The ideal candidate will be part of a fast-paced and dynamic environment where multitasking is a constant and teamwork is essential.

Certifications: This position requires the completion of the CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Specialist within 12-14 months of employment if not obtained prior to employment.

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